Karbonz Interchangeable Needle Set (Box of Joy)

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A gift set of our most revered needles with the remarkable strength of carbon fiber and the elegance of brass tips!

Perfect gift set that is a perfect match for knitters of all skill levels, A boxed set of 8 Karbonz Interchangeable Needles in a leatherette case. Easy to connect cable with a smooth join that enables easy stitch glide and no snagging.  



Set of 8 sizes of Karbonz Interchangeable Needles packed in a Laser cut faux leather box.



  • 4 Cables (to make 60cm/24'', 2 of 80cm/32'' & 100cm/40'')
  • 8 End caps
  • 4 Cable keys
  • 1 Set of cable connectors

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